This book explains in simple terms how high blood glucose levels, lethargy, mood swings, excess weight around the middle, irritability, excessive hunger, food cravings, snoring and indigestion are all related and most importantly, what you can do about it. By following the diet guidelines suggested here, you will lose those unwanted inches, improve your health and feel a whole lot better.

Eating plan allows:

wide choice of normal foods
size and timing of meals according to your appetite
snacks if hungry
inclusion of your favourite foods

You will not be expected to:

count calories or grams of fat
buy special dietary foods
go hungry
put unrealistic expectations on yourself

What clients have reported:

reduced hunger
more energy
reduced bingeing and comfort eating
better sleep
improved moods
less reflux and indigestion

Plus other health benefits:

weight loss
better blood glucose control
improved blood lipids
lower blood pressure