Reason for my expulsion from DAA

On my blog post a couple of days ago (09/06/2015) I alleged that the reason for my  expulsion from the Dietitians Association of Australia (“DAA”) in April, 2015 was because of my recommendation of lower carbohydrate diets to people with insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

This prompted a response from the DAA, emailed to me by an unidentified person from the National Office, and also made public by DAA on social media today, claiming that the reasons for my expulsion were related to professional competence and not my dietary advice. As stated in the DAA email, “……the complaint made against you …….. related to professional competence.”

That was news to me.

Here is the evidence.

The complaint made against me by Dietitian X concerned my recommendation of low carbohydrate diets in the management of type 2 diabetes. She later forwarded a letter, procured from a former patient who was disgruntled with our interview, to the DAA. This letter was not lodged as a complaint.

In their letter dated 19.11.2014 (see letter), DAA asked me to provide a response regarding the two areas of concern that had been highlighted:

“Your recommendation of a very low carbohydrate diet for type 2 diabetes management is inconsistent with Evidence Based Practice”; and

“The patient letter indicates that you dismissed previous evidence based advice given to this patient and provided contradictory advice, resulting in a confused and disgruntled patient”.

On the 21.4.2015 I received a letter of expulsion from DAA that stated:

Re:  complaint by Dietitian X

“The Board resolved:

1. That the complaint against Jennifer Forman (Elliott) is upheld..”

Clearly, that finding related to the complaint by Dietitian X” and the aforementioned concern re low carbohydrate diets. In effect, this means that the DAA determined that my recommendation of low carbohydrate diets for type 2 diabetes management is inconsistent with Evidence Based Practice

If it did not and DAA are now suggesting that there was another complaint  relied on to expel me, then it would seem that I have not been provided with even a basic level of procedural fairness/natural justice. 

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your troubles. I can’t do anything to help you, but it’s thanks to people like you that I’m getting healthier and healthier. I’m type 2 diabetic and my diabetic consultant here in the UK told me I have to be low-carb. Slowly the message spreads.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear of this situation – if call it ridiculous except that probably doesn’t do justice to how much this must impact your life at this point – it’s a travesty that people who take on board the latest info that science has to offer are treated as heretics. Wishing you all the strength to carry on the fight, restore your good name, and keep spreading the word.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Katherine. I’m hoping that my case might be a catalyst for change. Having a bad name with DAA is outweighed with all the support I’ve received from people like yourself 🙂

      1. Jennifer, I’ve read your post from cover to cover. From initial complaint, through to your responses and the finding. One thing is glaringly obvious to me. Your client set you up. Not sure what she had to gain by it, but she set out with an agenda of entrapment, and she succeeded.

        I can’t begin to imagine the trauma this has caused you professionally and personally. But I can tell you, that I’d sooner choose the advice of an expelled LCHF practitioner than that of ANY low fat dietician, doctor or other health practitioner. I took their advice for four decades, and it resulted in me becoming a morbidly obese, diabetic, hypertensive, fatigued, arthritic, gout-ridden, excematous, heat-intolerant, depressive.

        For the last 18 months I’ve followed the advice of an LCHF doctor, and it’s saved my life.

        If there’s anything we can do to support your cause, there’s a long queue of people who will back you

        1. Thank you for your support Ingrid. It certainly has been a fairly stressful time, as you suggest! If it results in positive change though, for people like yourself who need to know that low carb is a recommended option in diabetes management, then it will be worthwhile. I’m really glad that you’ve been able to turn your own health around.

          1. I’ve been thinking more about this on and off over the weekend.

            There’s a very long list of who’s who in LCHF that have commented on your blog. Caryn Zinn, Vicky Kuriel, Grant Schofield, Tim Noakes, Peter Bruckner, Jeffry Gerber, and many more.

            Perhaps the catalyst for change is a initiative to establish a global “Association of LCHF Practitioners”. There is certainly a loose collaboration in place, and as ably demonstrated by the massive get together for the LCHF summit in Cape Town earlier this year.

            I’m proposing a formal body be established – this might be a body which includes doctors, surgeons, dietitians, nurses etc. It’s not onerous to set up a Not For Profit organisation in Australia, but I think that something more global would be fitting.

            For that, I’m hoping that somebody reading this is an LCHF supporter with experience international law that would be willing to put their hand up and spearhead it.

            Any thoughts?

          2. I’m thinking about all this quite often too Ingrid 🙂 There are a lot of good ideas like yours circulating at present. Let’s hope that someone with the skills and knowledge wants to take it on.

  3. Jennifer, unless the DAA provided you with other documents discussing specific issues related to your professional competence it looks like they have flipped.

    Your sound dietary advice (different from theirs) now meets their criteria for professional in-competence. But then again, they say it has NOTHING to do with your dietary advice. Huh?

    The Dietitians Association of Australia actions are clearly suspect and discriminatory. They promote plant based foods … anything less is apparently substandard. Now they are stuck doing damage control because they made a bad decision.

    There are many versions of whole foods diets with similar themes but the Association has chosen to draw a line in the sand. Too bad.

    You’ll do fine without them! – Dr. Jeff

  4. Hi Jennifer,

    I think there would be a number of Dieticians appalled at your treatment. Perhaps the establishment of an alternative association that has a stronger emphasis on up to date evidence based practice is the way to go….

    1. That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking earlier today. Perhaps it’s time for a global initiative to establish and NEW governing body for LCHF practitioners? That Australian Assn has lost the plot. The South African Assn has lost the plot. They all have a lot to lose because practitioner’s are speaking out. The truth is out there. They can’t silence everyone. Literally hundreds (make that thousands, maybe millions) of people are disillusioned with the failed low carb experiment of the last forty years. I’m definitely one of them. I’d choose to see a disbarred LCHF practitioner hands down over a registered dietician, towing the party line which is SO out of touch with the science and with their advice WHICH DOES NOT WORK!

  5. Jennifer, I am sure it could be a well-grounded legal case. A professional cant be expelled from his/her organisation because of some anonymous claim without giving an opportunity to defend herself.

  6. Were you asked to provide evidence to support your position?

    Did you get the right of reply to the allegations? (It sense like story may be missing a few steps in the DAA disciplinary process (I have a colleague who had to go through it)?

  7. I can not for the life of me understand what the DAA are doing, apart from shooting themselves in the foot. You have a massive army behind you Jennifer and many people ready to stand up and support you.

  8. My husband was hospitalised for 12 days with heart failure in January 2015, imagine putting him on a LCHF (70-80% fat) diet a month after discharge (with fantastic results). After attending the LCHF Convention in Cape Town Feb. 2015 my husband no more injects insulin, he was on 60U insulin/day for about 15 years, plus NovoNorm 1.0mg prn. HbA1c improved from 9.9 to 7.1 (without medication) in less than 4 months, better moods (substantially better), improved energy levels…. 25kg lighter…. the list goes on and on…. An angiogram was done 2 weeks ago, the cardiologist said that he was stunned!!! to find perfect arteries.

    So sorry that you have to handle this stressful law suit. We have loads of evidence, blood tests etc. to show that this is a way of treating obesity/diabetes/metabolic syndrome and the resulting lifestyle diseases. You are welcome to contact me. Good luck!

    When will they accept that this is not a case of losing face but improving the quality of people’s lives. Why do these educated graduates fail to see the science involved in the low carbohydrate approach?

    Thanks to all the LCHF practitioners-Dr J Fung, Dr A Eenfeldt, Dr J Gerber, Dr S Phinney, Prof T Noakes and many many more for the unbelievable work you are doing. You are improving the quality of life of thousands!

  9. What a shame this has happened. I have been on the VLCD since Oct 2014 and have shed 35 pounds. Although I have lost weight before I have keep this off and all my blood work is normal fasting 100, but my Doctor even though she supports whatever works for me still insits I stay on the four meds. She would prefer more whole wheat, go figure. Stay strong, all I want is Metformin.

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