One thought on “History of the diet/heart hypothesis”

  1. Dear Ms Skinner,
    I am emailing you regarding the dismissal of Jennifer Forman (Elliot). I am shocked and stunned at this ruling and the DAA’s ruling that Low carbohydrate diets should not be used for the reversal/treatment of T2DM. There is a plethora of evidence based research showing that this is in fact what patient’s with Metabolic syndrome, cardiac disease, auto immune disorders should be doing!
    Highly respected professionlas agree we have been mislead and made ill. I urge you to investigate and do some research and get this poor woman re-instated! Just on the HUGE Facebook groups people that had high hba1c results are now reporting that their Dr’s are baffled that they are no longer classed as diabetic, they are losing all the visceral fat, their triglyceride counts are down and very healthy numbers, people are reducing their everyday drugs for common diseases like arthritis &thyroid management it is criminal that this is not being looked into properly and someone who is actually up to date with the latest research has been dismissed from a role they have worked in for 35 years. People WILL start suing at some point for all the misinformation ‘knowledgeable’ professionals have been giving them. Sweden have already completely changed their food pyramid, removing grains/wheat/sugar. This should be happening world wide. It IS how we should be eating for optimal health, the research supports it, the governments need to catch up.
    Please read the following medical/science professionals findings.
    Professor Tim Noakes
    Dr William Davis
    Dr Gary Fettke
    Dr Steve Phinney
    Dr Andreas Einfeldt
    Dr Emily Deans
    Dr Mike Eades
    Dr Mary Eades
    Dr John Briffa
    Dr Peter Attia
    Dr Cate Shannahan
    These are just a few, you can find more information about them here
    The information is out there and the people are catching on.
    Kind Regards
    Madeleine Henderson RGN UK, BNurs (Aus)

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