Expelled by DAA! (Dietitians Association of Australia)

I was expelled from the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) in 2015 after DAA investigated a complaint against me concerning my recommendation of low carbohydrate diets for people with type 2 diabetes.

The original complaint against me came from a dietitian who didn’t agree with my dietary approach. She was of the opinion that my recommendation of low carbohydrate diets for type 2 diabetes management is inconsistent with Evidence Based Practice. She later forwarded to the DAA a letter she had procured from a client who was disgruntled with our interview.

Here is an outline of the initial stages; part two to follow.

1  My initial response to complaint

2  DAA asks for more detail (did they actually read my response?)

3  Extra details for part 1 of complaint

4  Extra details for part 2 of complaint

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  1. Shameful, terrible behaviour by the DAA- let’s fight this please, we can’t let those bullies win. It’s only a matter of time until they are proved wrong and will need to eat humble (low carb, healthy fat) pie!!!

      1. Hi Jennifer, my recent experience at the DAA in Perth, suggests there is a big disconnect between the head and body of the DAA.
        I hope you situation proves the catalyst for change.
        If we can help please let me know.

    1. Jennifer, as a U.S. physician who successfully treats Type 2 Diabetes with a LCHF lifestyle, I am extremely disappointed to learn about your treatment by the DAA. Please let me know who to contact to support your reinstatement. Feel free to send me direct emails.

      1. Thank you for your support Sarah. I’m not sure if there’s anything that can be done for DAA to reverse their decision but things are still unfolding, so who knows what will come up? It’s very encouraging to know that I’m not on my own with it all.

      2. Hi Sarah, I have recently seen your TED video which explains why LCHF made me feel better…thank you. And to Jennifer, I think this is disgraceful bullying. I DO hope that your situation is the catalyst for change. Best wishes.

  2. You are actually just another “Tall Poppy” Jennifer. The DAA are dancing to an outmoded American dogma (hint: attired with flouro leg warmers). I find it interesting that talking to dispassionate but highly intelligent people (Engineers, Geologists et al.), they can embrace LCHF, and understand metabolic pathways, hormonal systems and the nuances of highly complex homeostatic mechanisms. The DAA are perhaps awaiting the Nod from their masters “Big Food”.

    1. As these “other” professionals demonstrate, an analytical habit of mind is necessary and often sufficient to “get it”. A characteristic in increasingly short supply, I fear.

    2. Interesting point about “Big Food” Simon. DAA’s partners include Nestle, Campbell Arnotts and the Grains & Legumes Nutrition Council. Luckily though, as DAA says, “All Partners support our DAA vision:Leadership in dietetics, food and nutrition for healthier people and healthier nations.” Whew!

  3. Congratulations on being disassociated from a group of closed minded, tyrannical people who are suffering from an extreme case of cognitive dissonance.

    Now you are free to combine your years of education with your newfound knowledge regarding a low-carb diets (which I am guessing that you did not learn in school) to do some really good work and truly help people.

    This is precisely the reason why I chose to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist (TM) rather than an RD. Believe me… I would have the same thing happen to me.

    Notice the “TM” after “Certified Holistic Nutritionist? It is there because a group of dietitians here took us to court to stop us from using the term “registered”, as we had done previously.

    Go forth and do good work!!

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words Barb. You’re right that I didn’t learn the low carb approach at uni. It took the experience of having an insulin resistant daughter, who was becoming very overweight on the low fat/ high carb diet that I was taught was best for everyone, for me to start questioning, researching and eventually change my practice. “Cognitive dissonance” sums it up perfectly. I’ve also heard that it’s harder to unlearn something than it is to learn something new.I wish you all the best in your work.

  4. Utterly ridiculous. This needs to be fought with everything we have. Won’t they feel silly when you are ultimately proven correct? Which you will!

  5. Truly unfortunate–for you and the health of the diabetics of Australia. If there is anything I can ever do to help you in any way, let me know. I am a T2 diagnosed in February 2014 who is thriving on LCHF. Luckily, I knew about ketogenic diets because I write about fats and oils. So I knew precisely what to do for myself. Had I seen an endocrinologist and/or dietitian, I know what misinformation I would have been fed. Hang in there.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Chandra. I’m really happy that you found the right path and way to manage your condition so early.I’m sure that you can have an effect on others too.

    1. Even wierder considering the past 200+ years of evidence, and the fact that type 2 diabetes becomes a progressive condition requiring increased medication on the recommended diet, while type 1 diabetes treated that way does not allow normal blood sugars. All of which low carb can prevent.

      1. Absolutely George! Imagine people in 50, 20, 10, maybe 5 years from now thinking how stupid it was to recommend plenty of carbs to carb intolerant people.

    2. It’s ridiculous that the DAA has expelled you, but then again what can we expect. They are hell bent on practicing based on flawed science and they feel threatened by practitioners such as yourself that bother to stay current. They landscape is changing. It’s the DAA that has the problem! They are going to have to change if they want to be relevant in the future. You On the other hand are already there. They should publish a list of expelled practitioners as this would make it easier to get good advice.

      1. Thanks for your support Noah. And your last comment made me laugh! The disturbing reality though is that DAA actually do publish the names of dietitians who have been expelled. These names are on their website and there’s no information about the reasons of course, just “The following members have been permanently expelled or temporarily suspended for disciplinary reasons”. I’ve joined an elite group.

  6. A MD was accused by the dietisians in Sweden and the court went through what evidence they claimed was evidence and the dietitiants lost. The court anounced There are no evidence and the MD could contiuing let her patience be treated with lchf. This was in 2008.

    1. Thank you for that reminder Mikael; I had forgotten about that case but I’ll look it up again. I’ve read that Sweden changed the national diet guidelines as a result. Clever Sweden!

  7. i intend to write to the DAA and make a complaint against them for recommending that every dietician I have seen over the past 10 years have recommended a high carb low fat diet for managing my Type 1 diabetes which has only made my BGL’s high and erratic. I encourage everyone else to do the same. Imagine if they even got 100 letters like this. Surely that would be enough for them to do something!

    1. You would hope so Trish but, having experienced first hand how DAA operates, I’m not exactly hopeful.
      It sounds as though you have found that a lower carb way of eating works for you? I certainly hope that’s the case!

      1. That’s right Jennifer, since starting a LCHF woe my BGL’s have stayed mostly between 4.5 and 5.5mmol. It’s like a miracle for me

  8. Always remember that you are correct Jennifer. Time and Truth are both on your side. All you need is a little courage and Oz fighting spirit to see this through to your vindication. Keep the Faith!

    1. You are incredible – good on you for standing up, justifying and getting the LCHF message out there! I’m a clinical nutritionist actively promoting LCHF in my practice – working wonders for all types of conditions…..particularly T2D. Let’s keep the “fight” going – we are right!!! 🙂 x

    2. Thank you for your words of support Tim. I expect that you winning your case in November will help mine and other like-minded practitioners all over the world. No pressure intended 🙂

  9. Jennifer I guess if I was still a member of DAA this would have been my fate too. Although on one hand it would be great to ‘fight them from within’, another and bigger part of me does not want to be associated with an organisation that is partnered with the likes of Campbell’s Arnotts, Nestle and Unilever AND is not willing to embrace evidence based, ethical nutrition practices. I made the decision to ‘expel’ myself about 18 months ago and now I practice what I know to be the best possible nutrition for each and everyone of my patients. I’m sorry it had to happen this way for you. I believe there will be an army of support for you should you need it. Best of luck as you move forward

    1. You make a good point about DAA membership Vicky. If I hadn’t been a member, then DAA wouldn’t have been involved in the way it was and I would not have been sacked. And I would have saved $600 per year!

  10. The DAA lost all credibility in my opinion when it became clear that the organisation is in bed with big food/pharma. Thoroughly hollowed out by corrupt, self interest. Even without a shred of biochem knowledge, a clear thinking mind could work this one out.

    1. A lot of dieticians are not happy with the partnerships DAA has with the food industry Chris. One positive thing about my expulsion is not receiving info from the likes of the Grains and Legumes Nutrition Council “educating” me on the benefits of including plenty of grains and cereals in a healthy diet.

  11. You should be proud. We are struggling worldwide with nutritionist who are this closed minded.
    In Scandinavia we are educating people outside of mainstream nutrition education system.
    I’m one of them 🙂

    1. It seems that the movement for low carb is happening worldwide Joern. I thought the Scandinavian countries were more progressive, but sounds like you also have opposition to overcome. Great that you’re doing your bit to move things along.

  12. Congratulations on your response to this disgraceful decision. Be assured that you have lots of support out there. All the research evidence supports your stance. Fight the good fight. Eventually the dietitians will have to admit they are wrong.

    1. Thank you for your encouragement Peter. The support has been amazing, including from a number of dieticians who are very unhappy with DAA’s handling of this and the board’s decision.

  13. Every time I read an article like this I am more and more convinced that the pharmaceutical and food industry play a huge part in the health service’s recommendations. To be as blunt as possible – are general practitioners in the pockets of Big Pharma who wouldn’t be profiting from the vulnerability of sick patients if they were told you could cure you illness from eating LCHF rather than being dosed up to the eyeballs with drugs?

    1. There’s definitely many cases of people being able to reduce or come off diabetes meds when they switch to LC as you’d know Simon. People should at least be told that such a diet has good evidence behind it and be given the option to try it for themselves.

  14. Dear Jennifer:

    I don’t know how the system works there and if this expulsion by DAA threatens your livelihood. I hope not! In any case, you should feel proud that your words are giving more people the chance to regain their health and protect their lives. This makes you a hero!



    1. Thank you for your support Zooko. Unfortunately I have been sacked as a result of DAA’s decision. Will be worth it though if all this results in positive change.

  15. Jennifer,

    This is truly appalling. I know that although the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics in my own country recently changed its stance on several long-held tenets of nutrition, there are still many within the organization that disagree with the low-carb approach I promote for those with diabetes and IR. I agree wholeheartedly with all of the sentiments above, particularly Caryn’s call to fight this injustice. Working together, we can effect change. As always, you have my full support!

    1. Thank you for your support Franziska. The US seems to be way ahead of Australia on the issue of low carb in diabetes management. For some years the American Diabetes Association have included low carb as one of a number of approaches that can be used and I understand asked you to write an article about carbohydrate restriction for their journal Diabetes Spectrum nearly three years ago. Australia has a way to go but hopefully we’ll catch up 🙂

  16. Hopefully the shock of being expelled has been replaced with the happy realisation that you are now free to practise using evidence based evidence and the knowledge that your clients will now actually do well. Get in touch with the LowCarbDownUnder team and join a group of highly educated professionals who are spreading ‘the word’!

    1. Thanks for your comment Marilyn. Expulsion from DAA actually means a loss of my job unfortunately. The shock has dissipated though and I’m certainly being kept busy with other things. People from the Low Carb DownUnder team have been very supportive 🙂

  17. Bottom line, why would you want to be associated with a group that is :
    1. Completely out of touch with current research
    2. Quite obviously in the pocket of big pharma and processed food multinationals
    3. Closed minded to new ideas and treatments

  18. I’m curious as to why my comments following those of Dr. Simon Thompson were deleated . Please enlighten.

  19. The DAA will fall on its own sword. More people will now know another LCHF practitioner who they can come see. Your gain their loss. LCHF should make itself an Association and register its own practitioners, I just wonder how many dietitians would leave the DAA due to its outdatedness.
    Its time now to have a LCHF Association Australia.

  20. Jennifer, sorry you have had this experience, it would have been awful. AND I applaud your approach, which IS evidence based. Hope your practice goes from strength to strength now that you can focus on looking after your clients as individuals with individual needs.

  21. A year ago I was Diabetic, Hypertensive, and morbidly obese. I’ve been told, by medical experts, that I reached that point through an inability to regulate energy.

    Almost exactly a year ago I started changing what I ate. I had been eating a diet that was mostly complex carbohydrates (starches), some lean meat, some vegetables, and trying to cut back on fats. You might recognize that this as the rough ratios of the prudent diet of the food pyramid, the one recommended by Diabetes Australia (among others).

    I changed one thing. I stopped eating carbohydrates – lost weight, lowered my blood pressure, raised my good cholesterol, lowered my blood triglycerides, and gained long term tight blood sugar control.

    I’m no longer medicated, asymptomatic (quite possibly reversing my pancreatic lipotoxicity) .

    They are not merely wrong, they are actively making diabetics sicker, more medicated, and with more amputations.

    1. Thank you for sharing your experience Richard. I saw many of those same improvements in clients who switched to a lower carb diet. People need to know that LC is an effective way to manage T2D.

  22. I am always amazed that doctors, nutrionists, dietitians etc can’t see that the low fat high carb way of eating has not worked. There is about 50 years of proof that low fat/high carb has made obesity, diabetes, heart disease & numerous other illnesses & conditions (if not ALL other problems). They need to read the thousands of testimonials from people who have been eating LCHF for decades & either curing or reducing symptoms of a myriad of illnesses. Time to get their collective heads out of the sand.

  23. I have type 2 diabetes and have been paleo for the last 9 weeks, I have reduced my insulin intake, I hope to be completely off them soon, and my blood glucose levels are stable, my endocrinologist advised me to keep doing paleo as she saw first hand it was working and that nothing had worked before

  24. Please stand up to this injustice so it doesn’t happen again and does not set a precedent for anything less than white collar workplace bullying.
    Communicate with your supporters if any specific assistance is required.

  25. Absolutely scandalous. Keep fighting Jen. Literally millions of people are suffering and dying prematurely because of the advice being promulgated your opponents. It is essential that things are changed fundamentally. We must all do what we can to support you in your efforts to have this decision reversed. Ideally we can use this as an opportunity to expose the stupidity of those who continue to advocate high carb and denigrate low carb. Very best wishes to you Jen.

  26. Since the DAA seems corrupted and very out of touch with reality it might be a blessing in disguise to be out of it.

    You’re now free to follow your own guidelines and tell people about it without them trying to push you in a direction you know is unhealthy for your patients.

    You could try to setup an organisation like the DAA but without the corruption and stringent guidelines, instead encouraging science and evidence based dietary advice.

  27. “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.” Winston Churchill.

    Stay strong Jen. The science supports your position.

    Clinical trial evidence has clearly demonstrated the benefits of reducing dietary carbohydrates for those with insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and diabetes (type 1 and 2).


  28. I am disgusted (but not surprised) by the actions of the DAA. You obviously have many supporters. How can this be translated to action?

    1. I have had a lot of support Heather, which has been very encouraging. I’m not sure what action people can take; for my part I’ll be letting more of my story be known.

  29. Hi Jennifer, I’ve been looking for someone like you! A dietician that believes in a lchf eating plan. Can I find you somewhere?

    1. I’ve suggested that to a fellow expellee; she’d be a great front person for such an association but unfortunately she declined. Current preference is AHPRA.

  30. Hi Jennifer
    Clearly, this is not an evidence-based decision, and the DAA are not competent to make this decisions given the conflict of interest form the food industry sponsors.
    I also think we need to enlist some more serious pro bono legal support from some Aussie lawyers. This does need to be fought because it is wrong. I can see why you would see little value in being part of this, but probably the path you are blazing will create the actual path for those behind you and save thousands of Australians from the complications of diabetes. So this is a very worthy battle and it must be fought.
    You are of course completely correct as you already know. Hang in there. If we can offer any academic assistance in writing, avadavats etc please just contact Caryn and I.

    1. Thanks for your encouragement Grant; it’s very much appreciated. I totally agree that this is really about people with diabetes needing to know that there is a way to remain healthy. If I can play a role in that, then I’m happy to do it.

  31. Jennifer….you don’t need to worry and frankly i think its a blessing for you. I know your probably feeling angry and sad the DAA could treat you this way after entering the field I’m sure with such excitement and promise. Dr sarah hallbergs tedx talk has diabetes associations angry and pharma angry …going to be alot of patients who will not be needing there insulin pumps in the future…
    Chin up …and keep up the good work

    1. Thanks for your support Rob. It’s great that there are so many people spreading the word about low carb. Like Sarah Halberg; her Tedx talk was fabulous!

  32. Hi Jennifer

    Just got wind of what happened!

    Unbelievable. I think expulsion is very over the top. There’s so much evidence supporting LCHF as an alternative to the conventional. In fact it seems the weight of evidence is shifting.

    I already quit DAA last year anyways because of things like this. Perhaps this incident will be a catalyst for change.

    I hope.

    Will follow on closely,

  33. In the US, I think this would end up in the courts rather quickly, and (although I am not a lawyer) I think you could have a good case.

    What are the legal implications for the leadership of the DAA if their advice turns out to not only have been wrong, but harmful? Would that open them up to malpractice lawsuits?

  34. Years ago I was sent to a dietician upon discovery of PCOS and insulin resistance. I’d placed myself on a low carb diet for some time before hand with success but had a dietician recommend pastas, potatoes, bread and other carbs I had cut out of my diet for some time. I followed her diet because she was meant to be the expert and I believed her advice and gained back 4 kilos in the 2 weeks. When I called her to complain she basically abused me, told me I was making it up and her was the right way and to continue following it and she followed the diet herself. I cancelled future appointments and told my GP about her but left me quite disillusioned. I’ve now self educated but I wish I’d come across a dietician who provided advice more like this early on and understood how sensitive people can be to carbs. Good Luck

  35. Jennifer, I’ve just read your response to DAA and wantee to let you know have my 100% support. I agree wholeheartedly with the approach you took with your client. How incredibly disappointing they’ve taken such a course of action. With DM2 and insulin resistance at epidemic proportions, you’d think they’d look at the evidence.

  36. Hi Jen
    I am a retired RN and was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes November 2014. I was always fit and healthy but was a vegan then vegetarian for most of my life. I diligently followed the low fat guidelines of the Heart Association. As a vegetarian I supplemented my diet with high carbs. I believe this way of eating contributed to diabetes at the age of 60. I decided to follow LCHF immediately. I found it initially difficult to change my mind set ( because of my health background) but as I noted immediate improvements in my health and BSLs I continued with the LCHF. It is now six months on since my diagnosis and I am off medication and my BSLs are normal. I feel fantastic and 30 again. I support the changes you are trying to make and now with all the support and evidence available I know you will eventually succeed. I will help you by promoting this way of eating to all my healthcare friends and family.
    If there is any other way I can support you please contact me. Good luck.

  37. Hi Jennifer, I read through you documents and to me it seems hilarious (not to you obviously), that they would take this so seriously based on heresay from a client that thinks they knows more than you and is prone to exaggerate and story tell, and a gullible dietitian who has nothing better to do with their time. It seems so unusual though the dx told them to come back after they were not happy. Was it to gather further evidence against you. Why didn’t the client discuss this with you? And why didn’t the DAA read your first response? I agree that I think change is coming, unfortunately at the cost of various practitioners, I only hope you stay strong enough to fight it!! It makes me feel uneasy these times as I work towards my degree in Naturopathy. I wanted to do a postgrad in dietetics but three uni’s wouldn’t even talk to me about it once they found out I’m studying Nat.

    1. Thanks for your comment Stacey. The change that you mention will certainly make all this worthwhile. I’m staying strong so I see it, so better not take 50 years!

  38. Jennifer I came across your situation this morning thanks to Pete Evans facebook page. Can I just say how shocked and horrified I am that you have been treated this way! I find the DAA’s response to your situation akin to that of a private school saying you can’t attend any more because your socks are the wrong colour. The school guidelines say you may choose light blue or white socks and you have chosen blue while they are arguing for white. Their reaction is nonsensical and even goes against their own guidelines. I too thought that the LCHF movement was gaining some ground recently even in the face of Pete Evans being completely vilified by the media! Perhaps it is and that is why the DAA is running scared – or being pressured by the ‘Big Foods’ as mentioned above. I am the mum of a 12 year old boy who was diagnosed with Type 1 last year. I have been eating LCHF for a while and was monitoring his diet too prior to his diagnosis. Imagine my horror when we left hospital with a dietary plan that recommended 50-60 carbs for breakfast and dinner and 40 for lunch!! Even though I am an RN and understood glucose metabolism I still walked out of hospital thinking this is what I had to do! It only took a couple of months and a few (non-severe) hypos to start questioning this approach. I am happy to say we are now trying to keep carbs as low as possible – which is very hard with a pasta loving boy! The hospital (Women’s and Children’s in Adelaide) are supportive but they offer no guidance on LCHF so we are struggling along on our own. Perhaps in the wake of your job loss you might consider an independent practice with Skype consultations for those of us who are interstate? Best of luck to you, I can see how this could be a very stressful situation purely due to the unfairness of it all, however you ARE right so please hang on to that.

  39. You have the support of Dr. William Davis of “Wheat Belly” fame, and presumably many other important people who have been recommending the LCHF lifestyle for years (it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle). Don’t give up!

  40. Just follow the money, Candice. You think the DAA’s sponsors (Big Food, Big Grain, Big Soda and Big Grain) want people to go low-carb, no refined sugar, high-fat?

    1. Definitely not. They would lose all their cash-cows (meaning us, the public). No money to be made if we all got healthy.
      And if you want proof that low carb, high nurtition, including fruit & vegetable juices, actually work to reverse diabetes, then all you need to do is see Jason Vales movie, Super Juice Me, to see that it does work.
      And no grains or processed foods involved.
      Gotta wonder, don’t you?

  41. As a GP I can attest to the fact that most insulin resistant people can barely lose weight on the standard diet. these people are frustrated, they are condemned as being lazy and/ or of cheating on their diet- and then commenced on a cascade of medications. the situation you find yourself in is unbelievable and irrational. I wish you were my local dietician. all the best!

    1. Thanks for your comments Natalie. The assumptions that are made about people who struggle with weight due to insulin resistance are outrageous. They are told to base their diet around foods that can cause excessive hunger, low moods, anxiety and daytime sleepiness, as well as promote weight gain, and as you say are then assumed to be at fault when they don’t lose weight! Clients have cried when I’ve explained that it was the diet advice that was wrong for them and no fault of theirs. How about moving your practice to the south coast? I’d love to work with you!

  42. Congratulations Jeni for your principled stand. I hope you can generate a lot of publicity about this. I have contacted Judi Moylan, who upon retiring from Parliament in 2013 became the President of Diabetes Australia and is also head the development of the current Australian National Diabetes Strategy for the National Diabetes Strategy Advisory Group, as I have discussed lower carbohydrate a number of times with her.
    I also contacted Sir Michael Hirst, President, International Diabetes Federation, who also understands and is supportive of lower carb; he knows there are many respected physicians, dieticians and other health professionals and researchers in Australia etc who are leading advocates of this approach
    Keep up the good fight!
    Ron Raab
    Past Vice-President, International Diabetes Federation http://www.idf.org

    1. Thank you Ron. I’m hoping that publicity about my situation will bring about positive change and that people with diabetes will finally receive the information they need to manage the disorder. It’s also great to know that people who are able to influence policies are aware of the benefits of lower carb approaches.

  43. Hi Jennifer, your experience sadly is going to happen more and more in all aspects of medicine. I have been nursing now for 37 years and we are turning no new corners with diabetes and coronary heart disease nutritionally.
    I have now been diagnosed with T2 and was happily trying very low carbs, but my BGL elevated significantly. I am now on 4 tablets of metformin and 1 of januvia with next step insulin. I had felt things would settle as I felt so good and lost a little bit of weight – but…I was sent to a dietician who poo hoed everything I was trying naturally, practicaly yelled at by the GP and sent to an endocrinologist who upped the meds. I was too tired to fight. Love to work with you to set something up for all those T2 diabetics out there who continue to struggle and are totally confessed. Good luck and kindest regards.

    1. Hi Karen. I’m very sorry to hear of your experience; I hope you have been able to find a LC practitioner who is able to give you support and the advice you need. I would be happy to discuss your idea of supporting people with diabetes. My email is jennifer@babyboomersandbellies.com if you’d like to drop me a line.

  44. Dear Jennifer,

    Congratulations on making a stand and raising awareness about low carb for diabetes. I was diagnosed with Type 1 just over a year ago and by eating low carb I feel great and only ever need insulin if I have an occasional treat. My doctors say my HBA1C is better than theirs. However my endocrinologist did not approve and said ‘she didn’t want me starving myself’ despite the fact that I eat plenty and my weight hasn’t changed since moving to low carb. The nurses at the endocrinology unit said my blood sugar levels were excellent but that I should be eating more pasta and rice. Needless to say I now see different specialists that are more supportive of my approach. I understand that a lot of diabetics would not want to change to a low carb lifestyle but I believe they should be made aware that it is an option.

    1. Hi Linda. Thank you for your comment. I completely agree with the point you make about diet prescription. There is no “One-Size-Fits-All” when it comes to diabetes diets, or in fact any diets. The important thing is, as you say, people are aware of different approaches, including the science behind them, and can make an informed decision for themselves.

  45. I had assumed that the DAA was under the purview of the agency that covers all other registered health professions in Australia, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority. They are not. The fundamental problem here is that professional association and regulatory/disciplinary function are vested within the same organisation. We can see the problems with that arrangement here with Jennifer’s case. With control of the regulatory/disciplinary function it is too easy for the professional association to ‘bully’ members with the power to deregister for not towing the party line.

    I think it beholden on other registered health professions and professionals to press for the DAA to be dismantled into a professional association and the regulatory function brought within the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory Authority framework. I can’t see why the DAA should have “unique snowflake” status in 2015.
    I also note that the dieticians that I work and refer patients to, see their reputation being damaged by their association’s stance on matters like this.
    I ‘m sorry for the distress that this action is causing you Jennifer and hope that it can be resolved in your favour.

    1. Thank you for your comment Matthew; you raise an extremely important point. I have spoken to other dietitians who also want the separation of the two functions but don’t know how to go about it. Hopefully my situation will mobilise some action.

  46. You have plenty of company. As a registered dietitian in the states I have recommended altering carbohydrate content of the diet to address insulin resistance and a whole host of metabolic disorders for over 20 years, and published a couple of papers as well. Ironically I see this post after listening to Gary Taubes presenting at the High Fat Low Carbohydrate conference in Cape Town today. One only needs to submit his presentation as evidence.

    The conference proceedings are available online https://www.facebook.com/lowcarbhighconferencesouthafrica

  47. Jennifer, thank you for standing up for what you believe. Change will only occur with people like you are are willing to be in the spotlight…don’t worry though, soon enough that spotlight with shine on you instead of burning. It’s time for the new and way past its date for the old, outdated processes, making people unhealthy and making our community ill. I am so grateful for you and what you did. You have made change in the world and it’s just the beginning. Thank you Jennifer.


    So sorry that this has happened to you! But congratulations on taking the stand that you have. You WILL be vindicated.

    It has restored my hope that somewhere ‘out there’ are thinking professionals who have the sense to treat the person, and not make the person conform to a mythical norm – a norm that ‘does not fit’ – and worse than that has the potential of making someone sicker, heralding the very complications that good dietary advice is intended to forestall.

    Since my diagnosis several years ago, it has been glaringly obvious that my ‘numbers’ and bodily reactions do NOT fit this supoosed ‘norm’, – and from the first, I have been astounded at the way that ‘professionals’ are ‘rusted on’ to current ideology DESPITE the evidence to the contrary sitting on the other side of the desk! (And the DAA had a go at YOU for allegedly not following evidence based practice!)

    From the first, I have been told that diabetes is a disease of progression, there is nothing to be done, – here, have some insulin/metformin….why aren’t you on it yet???! But monitoring MY reactions to a REAL FOOD diet that is similar in many ways to some that you have proposed tells a different story. My disease has NOT progressed – still learning, still making changes, and it sure would be nice to be able to work these through with the assistance of a sensible professional I could trust, and who would treat and advise ME. (Shame that you are in Perth!)

    Instead, a recent hospital stay (for some unrelated major surgery) found me in direct conflict with the supposed diabetes educator, and the pharmacist, as I continued to refuse metformin although I did agree sliding scale insulin – which by the way I knew I would NOT need once I was able to take back control of my diet and was no longer reduced to sugar laden liquids as the ONLY food ‘choice’ available to me. (On several occasions my blood sugar was taken WHILE IMBIBING!!! – and the resulting figure recorded as a true indication of my bsl!!!).

    I am not surprised therefore at your treatment at the hands of your peak body, and I would like to offer my moral, and actual support if possible. You WILL be vindicated because the evidence is ALREADY out there and available, – I know, because I, a very ordinary person of average intelligence and lots of common sense have not only found it, but found that it works!

    All the best!

    1. Hi Cheryl. What an amazing and inspiring comment you’ve written! Congratulations for taking control of your health and thank you for sharing your story. And you’re right when you say that it’s common sense (I’d add, not rocket science) that reducing carbs is the right way to treat a disorder of carbohydrate metabolism, which is basically what T2D is. Maybe that’s a little more than you said, but we’re on the same page 🙂

  49. Seeing as the DDA is treating ONE patient’s complaints seriously enough to get you disbarred from the association, I think it’s time that they received letters of complaint from all patients who have had information about LCHF and the evidence that supports it wittheld from them; and/or had their condition made worse by following the advice given by DDA-approved dieticians who support the association’s position ie the ‘standard’ (low fat high carb) approach.

  50. Thimgs will not change.
    For my own amusement I asked the Australian dieticians Association as well as Diabetes Australia what was the outcomes of their diets they suggested to their “clients”,
    How simple is that query..
    Both pointed fingers at each other..mumbbled “worlds best practise” etc but neither has even ONE outcome from their dietary advise.
    And Diabetes Australia also takes funds from govt/public and gives it to universities for trials..
    Try and get them to tell you the results..good luck with that..its asecret business..
    I tried to get journalists interested in this..failed..
    So..it will never change…
    The organisations here just follow the lead from the US organisations and repeat anything they say by rote…

    1. I agree that it can be extremely frustrating dealing with these organisations, Mike. I still have a little optimism that change will happen sooner rather than later, with or without them.

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